SCHS Alumni History

The idea of an all school reunion started at a card party hosted by Morris (Smitty) Smith, class of ‘42 and Kay (Sage) Smith, class of ‘43 some time in 1959. The conversation went from a class of ‘42 and ‘43 reunion to having an all school reunion. It was decided to try and put together an all school reunion so a notice was put in the local paper and the first meeting was held in the basement of the City Building. The first committee consisted of Bob Fenner (41), Leona Dimmitt-Younger (39), Mildred Dizmang-Laughlin (40), Clara Marie Johnson-Fixsen (42), LaVerne Elliott-Stegman (42), Harold Johnson (43), Velma Hubbard-Kohler (34), Aura Belle Jones-Isernhagen (33), Maxine Atkinson- Rauscher (34), Mazie Sutton (36), Melva Atkinson-Stephan (38),Morris (Smitty) Smith (42). Donations were accepted for $1.00 per alumni to fund the first mailing and the committee raised $500 to pay for postage.

Smitty and LaVerne co-signed a note to pay for the Band and the first reunion was scheduled for August of 1961. The assembly was held at the High School auditorium. Max Jones (28) was the Master of Ceremonies and gave a history of the Goodland School System.

Quote’s from the first reunion:
“I have lived all my life and never had as much fun” — J.C. Fisk (37)
“I often wondered why I have lived so long and now I know” — Mrs. Gulick (Teacher)

Past Presidents:
1961 Morris (Smitty) Smith (42)
1966 Bob Fenner (41)
1971 Bob Fenner (41)
1976 Dean McKenzie (43)
1981 Jim Alcorn (63)
1986 Dale Schields (63)
1991 Don McKenzie (73)
1996 Harriett Smith-Demaree (63)
2001 Barb Erickson-Whistler (72)
2006 Dale Schields (63)
2011 Linda Musalek-Rumpel (82)
2016 Don McKenzie (73)